Resepi Kerutuk

Dua hari yang lalu Chemek memasak kerutuk setelah lama tidak memasak kuah kegemaran ini. Kelainannya ialah ini kali pertama Chemek guna rempah kerutuk Adabi. Jika sebelum ini Chemek akan masak dengan rempah timbang yang dibekalkan oleh keluarga ataupun jika rempah ini habis Chemek akan gantikan dengan rempah kurma Adabi dan serbuk cili kering. Ini dulu. Sekarang ada yang mudah dengan rempah kerutuk adabi yang paket kecil.

Dalam kesempatan ini, ataupun sebenarnya dalam ruang ‘terapi’ ini, ingin Chemek kongsi resepi kerutuk simple saja. Simple kerana Chemek tidak akan guna banyak ramuan.

1) Setengah kilo daging (beli daging urat sendi) sebab ia sedap. Leceh sikit sewaktu memotong tetapi percayalah kesedapan masakan anda bergantung kepadanya. Daging urat sendi ini sedap digoreng, dibuat singgang, gulai darat dan macam-macam lagi.

2) Mayang bawang merah Benggali (ataupun bawang merah saiz besar) 4-5 ulas

3) Seinci halia dan lengkuas. Kalau tak ada halia tak mengapa, yang penting ada lengkuas. Kalau tak de lengkuas, tak payah masak kerutuk. Sebenarnya rasa kerutuk ini seakan-akan gulai darat. Tetapi kerutuk ini lebih pedas, lebih pekat dan lebih manis. Resepi gulai darat, kita cakap lain kali. Apabila Chemek ada masa untuk terapi minda masakan ini untuk meringankan kepenatan menulis yang berat-berat.

3) Santan – elok ada sikit supaya berkuah. Tetapi kalau inginkan kerutuk yang likat, tak perlukan santan ini. Terutama jika kita pakai rempah kerutuk timbang yang kita beli di pasar Siti Khadijah atapun lain-lain pasar. (Pasar borong, pasar Wakaf CheYeh etc)

Lain-lain bahan yang diperlukan, satu nisan Kelantan, gula sikit (amat sedikit sebab sudah ada nisan) dan juga garam, asam gelugur sekeping. Minyak untuk menumis – gunakan minyak sedikit sahaja untuk kesihatan kita. Tak perlu jadi super cook dan terlebih pakai minyak. Lagipun minyak masak payah nak cari.


1. Tumis bawang sehingga garing. Sementara itu bancuh rempah dengan air panas dan perap daging sekitar 15 minit.

2. Masukkan daging yang diperap tadi, apabila bawang sudah garing. Masak sehingga pecah minyak.

3. Rahsia Chemek untuk tambah kelikatan kerutuk ialah …jeng..jeng..jeng .. masukkan bawang goreng yang kita beli di kedai. Walaupun ini dikira tak aci, tak kisahlah, asalkan kuah kerutuk pekat.

4. Masukkan sedikit santan bagi yang nak ada kuah dan nak makan kuah ini dengan pulut kuning! Tapi kalau cuma nak makan dengan nasi tak payah masuk santan pun tak apa. Kita masak style kari ikan mamak..tak pakai santan..

5. Oh ya! Lupa nakk masukkan halia dan lengkuas. Masukkan awal-awal ya sementara menanti daging empuk. Untuk cepatkan empuk daging kita jgn lupa untuk masukkan sudu besi dalam periuk kita. InsyaAllah tak sampai 20 minit daging empuk. Tak letih kita mengunyah nanti.

6. Masukkan manisan kelantan (gula melaka) ‘sekeret’ dan sedikit gula. Garam secukup rasa. Jangan masin-masin ya. Gula yang sedikit ni tak masukpun tak apa. Tapi ini didikan nenek Chemek. Gantikan ajinomoto dengan sedikit gula. Jangan makan ajinomoto. Kemudian masukkan asam keping. Tutup periuk sehingga masak.

Kuah kerutuk ini mesti manis. Kalau tak manis ia bukan kerutuk. Ia akan jadi kari pula nanti.

Resepi kerutuk yang lain boleh didapati dari banyak sumber lain. Kalau nak mudah guna saja resepi di paket kerutuk Adabi itu. Ramuan-ramuan lain untuk tambahan ada dinyatakan.

Kerutuk sedap dimakan dengan nasi putih, nasi biryani, pulut kuning dan juga… lempeng.

akhir kata, ‘everyone can cook!’ – cuba teka sapa cakap ini?

Selamat mencuba!!!

11 thoughts on “Resepi Kerutuk

  1. Dear–blogger,

    I saw your name somewhere, but lost it, please forgive me. You had a post (I think, I might have somehow off the google track I was following) in English, so I think you speak English. I am sorry I don’t speak the language in which your post here was written, but I think I understand another one, the cartoon of the young girl going out in the hijab–and the rest of her not modest!

    If you do speak English, could I ask permission to ask you some questions? You are from Kelantan in Malaysia? I have been looking on the internet and google earth about Kelantan in Malaysia because a friend suggested it as a good idea of an Islamic state. I am very interested in the concept. We Christians used to have this same ideal but we lost it, but we could get it back.

    So I would like to visit Kelantan! And my question would be, where could I go to get an understanding of how people live in an Islamic religious state? Perhaps I could visit a school–could you suggest one that might be receptive (I am a retired high school teacher)? Is there some kind of women’s club (with a patient English speaker!) that might allow me to visit? Is there a club for people who crochet, or sew (I do these things)? I would go to mass there–I see on the internet that there are Catholic churches, although the names of the streets and towns don’t mean anything to me. I am an observant Catholic.

    I want to see for myself. I am tired of people saying things about Islam and muslims when they are criticizing things that we want for our own children, like modesty. I would like to live where people are expected to stop to pray! I live where you aren’t ALLOWED to stop to pray. I’d like to change that where I live. Anyway, I have this crazy idea I’d like to visit Kerantam, Malaysia, which is very far away from Chicago, Illinois, USA, and meet lots of people who care about the same things I care about, and take pictures, and bring home facts about a Muslim religious state that we don’t get here. If you visit my blog (on WordPress too!) I have my e-mail address on the side bar. On my blog you’ll see a couple of posts addressing the burqa and other similar issues.

    I don’t know if you’ll get this, or if I have understood correctly that you do speak English. Please forgive my bold intrusion! And hello!

    • Dear friend, apologies for taking so much time in replying your msg. Kelantan is one of the states in Malaysia. It is located at the east coast of malaysia and known for it’s historic attachment with Islam in Southeast Asia. Apart from Acheh (Indonesia) and Pattani (Thailand), Kelantan is also known as Serambi Makkah or nicknamed ‘the corridor of Mecca’. I would be very grateful to help you here. We have churches and masjids as well as wats in Kelantan. So there are so many places of interest that you may visit. Almost every locality here has religious school and in fact there are a lot of other exciting and dynamic religious / social activities participated by women of Kelantan. Every Friday you may see a lot of women taking part in religious lesson at the heart of the city. Please let me know when you plan to come here and I will do my best to help. Regards, chemek

  2. Salamun alayk..

    kak chemek, thanks for resepi. InshaAllah akan dicuba satu hari nanti. akak pekaba? dah siap writing? Moga dipermudahkan..

  3. Dear Chemek, I just saw your reply! Thank you! Much time has passed. I did not visit Kelantan yet. I had some correspondence with a man in Kuala Lumpur that was disturbing. He really meant to convert me from my Faith, and I suppose (when he said that he did not believe in original sin) I wanted to convert him from his! (It is a dangerous situation to not believe in original sin, and as I pointed out to him, it is actually politicallly liberal, which made him angry). It was all painful. But it made me realize how much I love Jesus Christ.

    We had many discussions. He was angry about Christian almsgiving. But I had watched a video of theirs in which he mentioned to the Japanese, for whom the video was made and who had just suffered the earthquake and tsunami, that they did not have alms to give, only advice, to embrace Islam. Well, I mentioned, when he criticised Christian almsgiving (in exchange for conversion, he thought), that perhaps he and his fellows might have had a bake sale to raise some money for Japan, instead of criticising, because that is what we did at our church–he got mad at that, too. Frankly, he just sounded like a stingy fellow hiding behind his religion. But then I realized again how much I love Jesus, because he taught that whatever we do for the ‘least of His brothers’ we do for Him. And so He taught us so very well, because of what a generous person He was. Or I might be stingy too.

    Islam has a belief in something called the ‘dear distance.’ I read that anyway. I think it might mean that our faiths must remain far apart, for us to live. If I lived near you, you would have to dislike me, because at some point or other I would bring up, or at least live, a demonstration of my Faith, and you perhaps would just as inevitably bring up or live a demonstration of yours. We cannot live without it. But dear heart, still I support and love you for loving God, and I cannot help that either. Life is so complicated. Please accept my respect. That is all I can offer. After that, you’d have to kill me.

    • dear whitelily, I did not know much about Christianity and I prefer not to talk about something that I don’t know. I believe that you may also feel the same when it comes about Islam. Yet, I know some people who are very good Christian followers and sincere Muslims. I think that we need to accept the differences and respect others’ faith so that we may live in this world peacefully.

      Please apologies for my limited knowledge about your faith. What I knew is that Christians believe in trinity, the Father, the Son and the holy spirit. They read Bible, the new Testament, and believe in the day of Judgement. I learnt that the Christians have many sects; the Catholics, the Protestants, the Jehovahs and many other. The Jehovah members used to visit me. But it was many years ago.

      well, perhap you also have known that the miracle story of Isa (Jesus) is mentioned many times in the Muslims’ Quran and it is part of Muslims’ belief. So is the story of (Mariam) Mary. I learnt about Jesus’s miracle birth from the verses of Quran since my childhood. My mum, is the person who told me the story of Jesus. But she love to tell me the story of Mary more. As Muslims, we believe that Jesus was given with a lot of miracles by God since his youth. i.e He can speak when he was a baby. He can cure the sicks and he brought religion which is from God.

      As a Muslim woman, I have my deepest love and high regards to Mary. Many Muslims (esp. in Kelantan) can memorise the whole chapter of Mary and recite the story during their prayers. We never miss reading the chapter especially in the month of Ramadan. Well you may suprise if I tell you that it was an acceptable custom for expecting Muslim mothers to recite or listen to the chapter of Mary in Quran during their pregnancy. (I posted a movie’s link about Mary in my blog and I hope you will enjoy watching it. and the movie is based on the verses of Quran)

      I am very sorry to learn that you experienced such an awful conversation with a Muslim previously. I hope that bad experience will not going to stop you from getting to know other new Muslim friends. I have no problem at all with your identity as a Christian. I used to live in the neighbourhood where Christians and non-faith members are the majorities. As long as we could celebrate other and try to live in ‘our and their shoes’, I believe that we can create good and healthy environment where all people regardless what their faith can live peacefully.

      regards as always, I am just a human being.

  4. salam chemek
    my mum actually was kelantanese, but I do remember she did adds some pounded roasted coconut to mixed with the garvy. To tell the truth many peoples are very confused with some of the recipes in the cook book. But I m sure yours better.

    • dear lina, thanks for leaving your msg here. indeed, my late grandma made kerisik everytime she prepared for kuah kerutuk. Some people also mix kerisik when they cook gulai darat/gulai kawah. nowadays we just buy the ready made kerisik from the nearby groceries. thanks again for your visit.

  5. Dear Chemek, hello again, I just wanted to say I hope you are well and still writing. I have not been writing so much on my blog, as the news from the world is so sad that it’s hard to speak of it at all. Although I am planning one because of the pope’s visit to the Middle East, where I think he said all the wrong things. But I have not stopped praying, and hoping for peace among those of us who love God. I have not given up, either, my dream of visiting Kelantam. I have a job to get done here, and then I might be able to travel. Please let us not lessen our prayers that God will be honored in all hearts, because then we will have the kind of world–where women can cook!!

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